The Bug in the Rug Press Conference
Unfortunately, the "guest of honor" couldn't be here, so we'll just ask the questions and you can provide your own answers.
Religious Fundamentalism
What message would you like to send to Taliban insurgents about the appropriate relationship between religion and government?
Intelligent Design and Evolution
If "intelligent design" gets equal time with evolution, should proponents of evolution have an equal opportunity to point out all the flaws in "intelligent design"?
Global War on Terror
How will you know when the "global war on terror" is over?

Since the terrorists attack us because they hate freedom, if we voluntarily give up our freedom will the terrorists stop their attacks and maybe even love us?

Defense of Marriage
Instead of a law prohibiting marriage between certain people, why not really defend marriage by banning divorce and mandating substantial penalties for adultery?

What are the most significant changes you've noticed in your own marriage since the first same-sex couple got married?

The Greatest Country
  • What makes a country great?
  • What kind of example do great countries set for children?
  • How do great countries treat other countries?
  • How do great countries treat their poorest citizens?
  • How do great countries settle disputes or disagreements?
  • How do great countries inspire their citizens to be great?
  • What fundamental rights do great countries grant all their citizens?
  • How do great countries respond to violations of fundamental rights of any of their citizens?
  • ptr